Grandmother wants grandkids out of home that ‘reeks of urine and feces’

A grandmother in the United Kingdom says her grandchildren live in filth and constant hunger and wants them removed from her daughter’s home, GrimsbyLive reports.

The British news organization posted pictures believed to be from inside the residence that reportedly “reeks of urine and feces,” where five children live along with their pregnant mother.

The children, who range in age from 1 years old to 7, often don’t get enough food and one of the girls has reportedly had to have seven teeth removed because of unhealthy hygiene, a family member told the news outlet.

Relatives say the kids are “good as gold,” however their mother “just does not seem to care.”

“My daughter, above anyone else, should not be having children, let alone another one,” the grandmother said. “Something needs to be done to remove my grandchildren from that hellhole that they are living in.”

She is also reportedly concerned the children might pick up and eat moldy food that is covering the floor. There is further fear the kids could be injured from cupboards and doors that are hanging from their hinges, which the children climb.

Then there’s the problem with the plumbing.

“There is such a mess that the drains have begun overflowing in the back garden, with waste coming up through them. As soon as you walk into the house it reeks of urine and faeces,” the grandmother GrimsbyLive.

“I have spent hours upon hours in that house trying to clean it, but then I will return the next day and it will be like a bomb has gone off.”

Pictures obtained by the news outlet show scattered pizza boxes, overflowing garbage and stained carpets.

The kids are allegedly neglected and often have to put themselves to bed each night — in beds that are broken.

Family members say the problem escalated last week after the mother went to see a new boyfriend. She reportedly left the children with their biological father, but it took more than a day for her to come back, the grandmother said.

The grandmother says she is seeking custody of the grandchildren and will do what she needs to do to make that happen.

“f I could, I would take custody of these kids myself, so that we are able to bring them up in a nice and safe place,” she said. “They have told me that they do not like living in that house”

The grandmother added: “For years they have asked me if I can teach their mum how to bake and do nice things with them, because we do that at my house, but not hers.”

Local government officials reportedly say they are investigating the situation “as a matter of urgency.”


[Feature image: Pixabay]