3-month-old baby dies from blunt force trauma while with babysitter, mom demands answers after no arrests: Report

Authorities in upstate New York are investigating what they say is a homicide of a 3-month-old girl, but no one has been arrested yet in connection with the death, WIVB-TV reports.

The Niagara County District Attorney confirmed to the television station that investigators are reviewing the case of 3-month-old Alaya Foster, who died February 23 in Niagara Falls from blunt force trauma.

The television station spoke with Foster’s mother, Domonique Hilson, who said she left the girl with a friend to babysit two weeks ago.

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Hilson said the following day, she called the friend to ask when she would be bringing the child back. The friend reported that all was well and she offered to keep watching the baby, but by that evening, the child was in the hospital and later died.

The cause of death was ruled blunt force trauma to the head. According to Hilson, a detective texted her to say there is sufficient evidence to jail the babysitter.

“So why is she still not in jail?” Hilson asked. “Like it’s not just me hurting behind this, it’s her family, friends. We did the polygraph test, everything. I passed the polygraph test. When it was time for her (the babysitter) to take her polygraph test, she asked for a lawyer and walked out.”

Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek said investigators are still working on the case.

“This is a top priority for our office as well as the Niagara Falls Police Department and we’re very actively investigating this matter,” Wojtaszek said.

On Saturday, Hilson and several others protested outside the Niagara Falls Police Station, seeking to put pressure on authorities to take action.

Hilson said she just wants someone held accountable for her daughter’s death.

“She’s all on Facebook, on Snapchat, going to Splash Lagoon just enjoying her life, just living,” Hilson said of the babysitter.

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[Feature Photo: Alaya Foster/Handout]