VIDEO: Cop suspended for ‘disturbing’ arrest of young mom who called police after neighbor allegedly pulled gun on her

A Florida police officer has been suspended days after cell phone footage reportedly caught his demeanor before arresting a woman who claimed a man pulled a gun on her.

The Miami Herald reported that Dyma Loving, 26, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence after Alejandro Giraldo said he didn’t like her tone of voice and ordered her to stop yelling.

Loving and Adrianna Green, 22, called police on March 5, claiming Green’s neighbor, Frank Tumm, 50, pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at them. The women said Green called them “hookers,” leading them to call him a “f****t” before he retrieved the weapon.

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Loving told the Miami New Times that Tumm threatened to “shoot my burnt black-a*s face off my neck.”

Giraldo’s body cam catches him asking the color of Tumm’s firearm, with the women saying the barrel was black. The women say they told the armed man that cameras are recording what he’s doing, to which Giraldo asks where the cameras are located.

“Y’all need to do something,” a visibly stressed Loving says after answering Giraldo’s question.

“And you need to chill out,” Giraldo snaps back before closing in on Loving and threatening to arrest her for disorderly conduct.

Giraldo says he’s going to give Loving “one more chance” as she explains that she was talking to a female officer. Loving then explains that she has a phone call she needs to take, her daughter’s sick, and that she doesn’t “have time for this.”

Giraldo, whose presumably preparing his handcuffs off-screen, says she’s yelling again and quips that she needs to be “Baker Acted.”

“Why do I have to be corrected when my life is in danger?” Loving asks seconds before Giraldo grabs her by the wrist and officers take her to the ground.

During her arrest, Loving asks if she can contact her children, as she’s been trying to contact them. She also mentions that she just wanted to go to Green’s home to charge her phone.

An incident report obtained by WPLG described Loving as “upset, very irate, and uncooperative” and alleged she was “acting belligerent and would not obey commands.” She told The Root that she spent four hours in a cop cruiser as Giraldo drafted the police report. She reportedly spent 12 hours in jail before she was released on $1,500 bond.

The Herald reported that Tumm wasn’t arrested until two days after Loving’s March 5 arrest. Police reportedly questioned Tumm at the time but a witness allegedly backed up his story before recanting their story minutes later.

The newspaper noted that Tumm wasn’t charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon until Thursday night—authorities released the bodycam footage on Friday.

Moreover, Giraldo’s suspension came after cell phone footage was posted to Twitter and went viral.

Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez said, “I find the actions depicted on the video very troubling and in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, and fairness.”

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[Featured image: Twitter]