Defiant Casey Anthony fights back against ‘psycho haters,’ thinks she’s done her ‘penance’ and lives in denial about daughter, says source

The notorious Floridian Casey Anthony is apparently going out more and partying her time away as she tries to bury her past, according to a source close to her. She’s also done with avoiding the public and wants people to “get over” her.

People reports that Anthony, who became infamous after the 2008 death of her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony, reportedly thinks that she’s done her “penance” and now wants to have a social life without her past holding her up.

“She believes she has done her penance,” the source reportedly told People. “And now she’s partying. She’s dating around, meeting new people, and finally creating a social life.”

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“She describes her old life as a ‘nightmare,'” the source said. “All of it: Caylee’s disappearance, the trial, her relationship with her parents. She lives in denial a lot of the time, pretending that everything that happened, didn’t happen.”

The source also reportedly claimed Anthony is not ready for a relationship and the man she dated last year has reached a “cooled down” period. Anthony is also fighting back against her “haters,” according to the source, and doesn’t avoid people like she did for years after her daughter’s death.

“She used to avoid people, but now she calls them ‘psycho haters’ and is defiant about them. She says things like ‘ugh, they just need to get over me.’”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Anthony was seen at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in Tampa earlier this month, with a group of friends, “partying pretty hard and asking people to take shots with her,” according to a source at the bar. She was also spotted at several other West Palm bars within the past few days, allegedly talking to numerous men.

Anthony told DailyMail earlier this year that she turned down a reality television show because she wasn’t as wild as the public seemed to think.

“I guess the life of Casey wasn’t good enough, and wanted to make me more wild to hype up the speculation of me and make what everyone has thought about me all along to be true,” Anthony said. “I am not the wild child that everyone characterizes me to be.”

Anthony is considered “one of the most hated women in America,” according to 2011 Florida Department of Corrections statement. The nickname came after the masses blamed Anthony for Caylee’s death.

For months in 2008, Anthony lied to police, claiming she left her little girl with a nanny who turned out to be fictional. Caylee’s remains were eventually found on December 11, 2008, buried near the Orlando home of Anthony’s parents. A jury, however, acquitted Anthony of murder in 2011.

Meanwhile, Anthony told DM she is seeking “normalcy” in her life, and hopes that one day the online trolls will stop impersonating her and threatening her, noting one particular person that reportedly made her scared for her life.

“I just want some sort of normalcy in my life. I get it..people will always hate me..but this profile could potentially cause me harm with the crap she posts.”

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[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony/Police Handout]