Jussie Smollett considering lawsuit after felony charges dropped: Lawyer

An attorney for Jussie Smollett appeared on “Good Morning America” Wednesday to discuss the stunning reversal in the previous case against her client, and suggested that a lawsuit might be coming.

On Tuesday, Chicago prosecutors dropped all 16 counts of disorderly conduct stemming from what police characterized as a staged hate crime attack on January 29. The “Empire” actor was arrested and charged last month for allegedly falsifying police reports about the purported incident, in which he claimed two men shouting homophobic and racial slurs attacked him on the morning of January 29 and tied a rope around his neck.

Smollett’s criminal record has since been expunged, but many questions surround the prosecution’s decision to drop the case against him, despite reportedly believing he is responsible for orchestrating an alleged hoax attack. 

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But Smollett’s attorney Tina Glandian insisted on GMA Wednesday morning that Smollett “was a victim of a crime.”

“He has not even started healing from the initial attack because he’s been dealing with everything that’s happened since then.”

When asked if Smollet’s legal team was considering a lawsuit, Glandian said “We’re weighing our options,” without naming the person or institution Smollett might consider suing.

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[Feature image: AP Photo/Paul Beaty]