Killer member of sadistic ‘Ripper Crew’ cult that murdered & chopped off women’s breasts is out of prison & living near a school: Police

A convicted murderer  and member of the sexually sadistic “Ripper Crew” cult notified authorities on Sunday that he’ll be living in a suburban area in Aurora, Illinois, in a halfway house that accepts convicted felons.

Chicago Tribune reports that 58-year-old Thomas Kokoraleis was released from prison on Sunday after serving 35 years for the 1982 murder of 21-year-old Lorraine “Lorry” Ann Borowski. Members of the “Ripper Crew” abducted Lorry when she arrived to her job at a real estate office off of  St. Charles Road and Route 83 in Elmhurst.

Kokoraleis’ brother, Andrew Kokoraleis, also a member of the cult gang, along with fellow member, Edward Spreitzer, kidnapped Lorry as soon as she arrived for work. Kokoraleis claimed that although he helped abduct the victim, he didn’t kill or rape her. He admitted, however, that he was present while other members of the cult raped and sexually mutilated the woman.

Andrew Kokoraleis died in 1999 via lethal injection, while Spreitzer is serving a life sentence.

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Authorities said they believe Kokoraleis and other men in the “Ripper Crew” sexually assaulted and murdered up to 20 young women during the 1980s. They reportedly prowled for women in Chicago and its suburban areas while riding around in a red utility van. When they found women alone, they would kidnap them, then sexually mutilate them as part of a sexual and cannibalistic ritual, according to the outlet.

Lorry was found with her left breast cut off and ice pick wounds all over her body. Officials said the killers amputated Lorry’s breast while she was still alive.

Thomas Kokoraleis was initially sentenced to life. In 1987, a judge reduced his sentence to 70 years with parole eligibility, after legal errors in his case.

According to Aurora police, Kokoraleis will live at the Wayside Cross Ministries, located at 215 East New York Street. Wayside Cross Ministries is around five miles from McCarty Park and McCarty Elementary School.

Although Kokoraleis is on the Illinois Sex Offender Information registry due to the nature of the crime, he’s not a convicted sex offender, meaning he can live near schools and parks without any stipulations.

Meanwhile, the Daily Herald reports that Lorry’s family members are devastated that the killer was released from prison. There’s currently no law that requires the killer to stay away from Lorry’s family, according to famed attorney Gloria Allred, who was hired by the victim’s family to help push “Lorry Ann’s Law.” The law would make it mandatory for offenders to have no contact from any victims’ family members.

“Isn’t it enough that Lorry Ann was kidnapped, raped, tortured, had her left breast amputated by the satanic cult, probably while she was still alive, suffered more than 20 ice pick wounds to her body and was murdered?” attorney attorney Gloria Allred said.

“Now her murderer is set free and the law does not even require that her murderer be required to stay away from her family, who has suffered and will continue to suffer more than anyone will be able to know.”

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[Feature Photo: Thomas Kokoraleis/Illinois Department of Corrections]