Fake heiress delays court a SECOND time, throws tantrum over wardrobe….again: Reports

A woman on trial for allegedly swindling bankers and credit card companies out of $275,000 by masquerading as a German heiress delayed court proceedings—for a second time—because she was unhappy with her wardrobe.

From the New York Daily News, Anna Sorokin, 28, arrived an hour late to Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday, leading the Justice Diane Kiesel to tell her that she’s expected to be on time Thursday, regardless of attire issues.

Sorokin was reportedly an hour late to court on Friday, when she also had a wardrobe-related meltdown.

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The Daily News reported that Sorokin refused to come out of her holding cell Wednesday because she was unsatisfied with clothes selected by her celebrity stylist, who Sorokin’s legal team hired to make her appear sympathetic to a jury.

Defense attorney Todd Spodek reportedly presented Kiesel with a pile of clothes Sorokin could wear but was admonished for doing so because security would have to check and clear for security.

“This is the last day we’re playing with clothes,” the judge snapped.

Kiesel then instructed Spodek only give his client the clothes she would wear for court Wednesday and the rest would be sent to the prison where she’s being held. The accused fraudster ultimately settled on wearing court-appointed clothes—a white shirt and black pants and flats—and was seen crying as the judge criticized her for delaying court for a second time, the tabloid reported.

Spodek’s accused of defrauding bankers, friends, and credit card companies by pretending to be a German heiress who’d inherited as much as $60 million. She’s also accused of trying to obtain a $22 million loan using counterfeit collateral.

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[Featured image: Anna Sorokin/AP Photo/Richard Drew]