Teen girl suffocates 5-yr-old brother, chops off his head & eats genitals in killing police call possible ‘devil worshipping ritual’: Cops

An 18-year-old teen is behind bars after she allegedly killed her own little brother, and reportedly confessed she tortured him before eating his private parts.

The Sun reports that Karina Aparecida da Silva Roque is being held in an isolation cell at the Votorantim Women’s Prison in São Paulo after allegedly committing a grotesque crime that left her brother, 5-year-old Maycon Roque, dead. She’s also accused of trying to kill her uncle.

The little boy’s mutilated body was found on the floor surrounded by multiple candles in the family’s São Paulo home on Thursday. The suspect allegedly locked the doors in the home, prompting her uncle to break the front door down. Upon entering the residence, he found Maycon with his penis missing and his head chopped off. The boy’s eyeballs had been pierced, his wrists slit, and the bottom of his feet had been burned.

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Roque, who was standing over the little boy’s body, allegedly claimed that she had “cut off her brother’s genital organs and eaten it,” according to Amazonas News. The teen was supposed to be babysitting the boy while her mother was out shopping.

The suspect apparently tried to run when confronted, but when her uncle and other family members tried to restrain her, she became violent.

“They tried to prevent her from running but she apparently became very aggressive and started throwing objects,” Detective Anderson Góes explained, according to the outlet. “Her uncle was hit and injured by a stone and she bit the family dog which attacked her while she was being restrained by relatives.”

Police arrived and arrested the suspect, who later admitted she lured her brother to a play a game, then smothered him with a pillow before torturing him.

An autopsy confirmed the little boy was already dead before his body was mutilated.

Family members said that the teen had never had any psychological issues in the past and had always been good to her brother. Police, however, said that evidence left at the crime scene suggested she was participating in a possible “devil worshipping ritual.”

“We are investigating if the child was killed during some kind of devil worshipping ritual,” Góes said. “We want to know if the accused had links on social networks to a group of Satanists or black magic practitioners and if she was encouraged or incited by someone to commit the crime.”

Roque is facing one count of qualified homicide for her brother’s death and one count of attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill her uncle when he intervened. She remains behind bars.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]