‘There’s the bad guy!’ Cops burst into bathroom for a suspected home intruder..and discover a Roomba [VIDEO]

This week, Oregon police officers responded to an apparent home invasion that turned out to be anything but.

According to The Guardian, a man staying at his nephew’s Cedar Hills home called 911 on April 9 after hearing rustling and someone closing the bathroom door. Calling for K9 backup, multiple deputies surrounded the home and, for 10 minutes, called out to the “suspect” to surrender.

“Last chance…come out now or you’re going to get bit!” a Washington County officer is heard telling the suspected home invader in abridged body camera footage released by police.

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Moments later, officers reportedly burst into the bathroom with their guns drawn—and learn that their “suspect” is a Roomba.

“There’s the bad guy!” one officer yelled.

“In 13 years, this is my first Roomba burglar,” Washington County police Sergeant Danny DiPietro told The Oregonian. “Never had anything like this.”

The house sitter was reportedly unaware that the automatic vacuum was programmed to clean at 1:30 pm. Washington County police went on to recount the bizarre turn of events on social media.

“Every situation, when you go into it, you treat it as if it’s real. This one had a lot of indication that it was,” Washington County police Sergeant Daniel DiPetro told The Guardian. “For all indications, we’re suspecting it’s a person inside there.”

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[Featured image: Washington County police video screengrab]