Mother leaves baby son locked in ‘torture room’ for 9 days as he eats wallpaper and plaster to survive, shows ‘no remorse’ when boy dies: Reports

As her children ate wallpaper and plaster while left inside what’s been called a “torture room,” a young mother allegedly spent time with her boyfriend, prosecutors said Monday during her court hearing.

DailyMail reports that 23-year-old Vladislava Trokhimchuk, of Kriev, Ukraine, is currently on trial in connection with the 2016 death of her son, 1-year-old Danill, who died after being left alone for nine days without food or water. The suspect is also charged with child cruelty in connection with her 3-year-old daughter, Anna, who was also left alone in an apartment with her brother, but managed to survive.

According to prosecutors, Trokhimchuk allegedly tortured her children purposely for money, so that they would look pale and emaciated. She’s accused of posting photos online of her ill children, while asking for money and gifts.

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When police arrived to the suspect’s apartment, they reportedly found bite marks in the wall, torn linoleum in the floor and feces smeared across walls. The children were apparently left inside a small room filled with old wrappers, spoons, toys, soiled clothing, and trash.

The little girl remained in the room for days after her brother passed away, according to BBC News.

The suspect, who called authorities after she found her son dead, claimed she didn’t understand how the tragedy happened. She said she immediately gave her surviving child food and cradled her. Yet, she couldn’t explain why she left her children home alone for close to two weeks to begin with. Police alleged the suspect was out with her boyfriend at the time, Anton Podchapko, who’s reportedly on the run.

“She was having fun with him while her children were being tortured to death,” a police source said, according to DailyMail.

The suspect kept her youngest child with her, a newborn girl, who she fed and took care of while the older children remained trapped in the room. Police reported that the older children’s father was out of  the picture, according to the suspect, who claimed he was a drug user.

An evil mother left her two children aged under three alone and without food in a flat for nine days while she 'had fun…

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“In the room where little children spent those horrible nine days there are still signs of their sufferings and their attempts to survive,” 1+1 TV journalist Valentina Mudryk said.

“And at the same time there was food in the kitchen all this time. Cutlets and soup were in the fridge. If the mother had not shut the door to the nursery, her son and daughter could have found food in the fridge and could have drunk the tap water.”

Mudryk, who’s been covering the case since the boy’s death, reportedly said the suspect “feels no remorse at all.”

If convicted, Trokhimchuk faces 15 years behind bars. Her two surviving children have since been adopted.

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[Feature Photo: Vladislava Trokhimchuk/Facebook]