Did hospital ignore clues baby was ripped from murdered mom’s womb?

A hospital where a newborn infant was taken just after a woman purporting to be the baby’s mother allegedly killed the baby’s actual mother either delayed or completely declined to contact authorities despite the suspect having shown no evidence of having recently given birth.

According to the Associated Press, Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Jassen Strokosch said that the agency was not notified until May 9 about questions regarding a seriously ill infant who was brought to Advocate Christ Medical Center, outside of Chicago, on April 23. A woman now suspected of killing 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa claimed on that day to have given birth to a baby who was not breathing.

The suspect, Clarisa Figueora, reportedly showed no signs of giving birth. It is not known how DCF was alerted to custodial questions about the infant, who is reportedly on life support, and the Associated Press report suggests it is possible that the hospital did not report the questionable circumstances at all — as the hospital declined to comment on if or when it notified authorities.

Figueroa, 43, and her daughter Desireee Figueroa, 25, have been charged with first-degree murder. Authorities reportedly believe that the mother lured Ochoa-Lopez to her home on April 23 with the promise of offering baby supplies to the 19-year-old, who was due to give birth on May 5. Clarisa then allegedly strangled Ochoa-Lopez with a cable before the suspects cut the baby from her dead body, and disposed of the young woman’s remains in a garbage can.

The elder woman’s boyfriend, 40-year-old Piotr Bobak, is charged with concealment of a crime. All three suspects were denied bail on Friday.


[Feature image: Clarisa Figueroa Desiree Figueroa and Piotr Bobak/Chicago Police Department]