7-year-old boy whose father allegedly kept him in a dog kennel found dead, body in concrete

A Colorado father has been charged in connection with the death of his 7-year-old child, whose body was discovered under concrete inside a storage unit, KOAA reports.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged 39-year-old Leland Pankey with murder, child abuse that resulted in death and tampering with a dead body.

Pankey is already in prison on unrelated charges.

According to the news station, police in December found the body of Caden McWilliams inside a Denver storage unit as they were investigating allegations from his mother, Elisha Pankey, of domestic violence.

An autopsy reportedly showed the boy had signs of malnourishment and that there was evidence of injuries to his chest, limbs and head, some of which appeared to be healing.

Elisha Pankey told police that she knew her husband was abusing their son and not feeding him. She reportedly said her husband had placed the boy inside a dog kennel for multiple days prior to his death in July 2018.

Court records obtained by KOAA show she had told a fellow inmate that the boy was kept in the kennel even though he was crying about being hot and thirsty. She said she found the boy dead one morning and thought that he had just suffocated.

The inmate reported to investigators that Elisha Pankey told her she and her husband transported the boy’s body, which was still inside the dog kennel, to the storage unit, covered him with concrete and then wrapped plastic trash bags around the kennel.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said the case is a “truly horrific crime.”

“This case has been painstaking and painful for all involved,” McCann said in a written statement obtained by KOAA.

Elisha Pankey is scheduled to return to court this coming week, while Leland Pankey is due back later this month.


[Feature image: Caden McWilliams/Facebook]