Krystal Kenney, nurse who cleaned up Kelsey Berreth murder scene, to appear in court Monday

UPDATE: 1:46 p.m.

At a review hearing on Monday at Teller County Court, a judge set a subsequent court date of December 2 for Krystal Kenney to appear and begin her probation. KOAA reporter Sam Kraemer, who was at the hearing, said on Twitter that the judge set a December date in order to ensure Kelley would have previously testified against Patrick Frazee, who is set to begin trial in October on charges that he murdered Kelsey Berreth.


Krystal Kenney, the star witness in the murder case against Patrick Frazee, will appear in court on Monday for a review hearing.

Kenney, a nurse from Idaho, entered into a plea agreement earlier this year in exchange for her testimony against Frazee, who she claims murdered Kelsey Berreth, the mother of his toddler daughter, on Thanksgiving Day 2018.

KOAA reports that Kenney is scheduled for a court appearance on Monday at a 11 a.m. MT. In February, Kenney pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence after reportedly telling investigators that she cleaned up the crime scene in Berreth’s townhouse two days after Frazee allegedly beat Berreth to death with a bat on November 22.

Kenney’s plea deal, which will carry a maximum sentence of three years in prison, has been criticized for its leniency given what appears to be Kenney’s significant role in the crime. In addition to her admission of cleaning the bloody crime scene, Kenney also reportedly admitted to disposing of Berreth’s cell phone and said that Frazee had three times that fall asked her to kill Berreth herself, something she did not report to police.

A KOAA reporter said on Twitter it was not clear at this time if Kenney would appear in person or by phone.

CrimeOnline will provide further updates about the review hearing as more information becomes available.