Dominican Republic authorities release cause of death for Long Island man who died after taking a drink at a resort

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have released the cause of death of a Long Island man who died during an extended stay there this month.

According to CNN, the Dominican Republic Attorney General’s office said that Vittorio Caruso died of respiratory failure and heart failure after on June 17 citing a preliminary autopsy report.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Caruso was a 56-year-old pizzeria owner from Glen Cove, and his family said that he was in good health before his most recent trip the Dominican Republic, where he had a time share condo, the New York Post reports.

According to the CNN report, Caruso had lived primarily in Boca Chica in recent years, and the Post reports that he sold his pizzeria on Long Island two years ago. He reportedly had a drink at a Boca Chica resort before he died.

The Attorney General’s office said that autopsy showed that Caruso had long suffered from heart and pulmonary disease and hypertension.

Caruso’s partner Yomaira Ramirez de Jesus told CNN that Caruso began to feel ill on June 11, and sought medical treatment, but was released. Days later when he experienced symptoms again, Caruso was transferred from home medical care to a hospital in Santo Domingo.

The family of Leyla Cox, a Staten Island woman who also died this month while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, has publicly refuted claims made by Dominican authorities that she had a previous history of heart attacks.