LISTEN: Teacher who sexually assaulted 13-year-old apparently pleaded with boy’s father not to call police [Report]

Former teacher Brittany Zamora, currently behind bars in an Arizona prison, apparently asked the father of a boy she sexually assaulted to refrain from calling the police.

NBC12 reports that investigators wrote that the victim’s father spoke to Zamora a day before she was arrested for having sex with the minor boy in Goodyear, Arizona. According to court documents, the boy’s father said Zamora wanted to settle things without getting authorities involved.

Victim’s Father: “What type of f****** perverted person are you? I want to know right now….You’re a child molester. Do you understand me?

Zamora: “Why do you say that?”

Victim’s Father: “Oh, see…I’m a lot smarter than you.”

Zamora: “Can you explain to me, can we meet to talk about this? Something we can settle outside?”

Victim’s Father: “Oh yeah, oh yeah that’s what we can do so I can give you a chance to do it some other kid…NO! And make sure you tell your husband what’s going on.”

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Court documents indicate Zamora then handed the phone to her husband, who also tried in vain to convince the victim’s dad to leave authorities out. The dad, however, apparently held nothing back as he told Zamora’s husband that his wife was “a monster.”

“Your wife decided to be a monster and prey on a child; she scarred my son mentally. Do you understand what a 13-year-old boy did having sex with a teacher? Do you get that at all? You’re asking me to forgive.”

Zamora’s husband replied that his wife never had sex with the boy, something that was proven untrue during her trial earlier this year.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Zamora pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges that she engaged in sexual activities with a student as another boy watched outside the classroom door.

The court imposed a 20-year prison sentence, or the minimum penalty allowed by law for convictions on criminal counts of sexual conduct with a minor, public sexual indecency, and attempted child molestation.

Zamora was a teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School when she began performing oral sex on the victim. She later had sex with the boy at least three times between February 1 through March 8. The pair also exchanged explicit messages via text messages.

According to court documents, the victim told authorities that the incident initiated one day in a class chatroom when Zamora randomly began sending him flirtatious messages. She then sent a photo of herself wearing lingerie, followed by a nude photo of herself.

After the pair had sex the first time, the boy texted Zamora and said he wanted to have sex again.

“I know baby!” Zamora reportedly replied. “I want you every day with no time limit. “If I could quit my job and f*** you all day long, I would.”

The boy’s parents discovered messages “indicating sexual activity” when they searched through their son’s text messages via an app developed to help parents track their children’s phone activities.

After discovering the messages, the student’s parents informed the school. The district’s superintendent made arrangements for Zamora to arrive at campus for a meeting with the principal. Unbeknownst to the teacher, authorities were waiting on her.

“We made arrangements for the teacher to come to school today for a meeting with the principal, and the arrest took place before that meeting could take place,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Richard Rundhaug said.

The boy’s father contacted authorities shortly and told them that both Zamora and her husband were harassing him and pleading with him not to turn the teacher into authorities. The suspect’s husband allegedly claimed that Zamora made a huge mistake and it would never happen again. Zamora’s husband also reportedly asked to meet up with the boy’s father and handle the situation “informally.”

The victim’s dad said other parts of the phone conversation were too “vulgar” to repeat.

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[Feature Photo: Brittany Zamora/Goodyear Police Department]