‘The scene was a horrific one’: 20 dead, 26 injured in El Paso Walmart shooting as authorities investigate possible hate crime

Police said that the suspect surrendered to responding officers, who did not engage him in gunfire

Authorities in Texas held a news conference on Saturday evening with the latest updates on a deadly mass shooting earlier today at a Walmart in El Paso.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed at the press conference, that was broadcast live on multiple news platforms, that 20 people were killed in the shooting. A law enforcement official confirmed that 26 additional people were injured.

El Paso Police said at the news conference that officers were at the scene within six minutes of the first call about an active shooter. The suspect, previously identified as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, reportedly surrendered to approaching officers, and police and the suspect did not exchange any gunfire.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said at the news conference that the deceased victims “will remain at the scene until the scene is processed for evidentiary purposes.”

Chief Allen also said that the shooting had a “nexus to a hate crime.” Officials said that investigators were reviewing a manifesto which is suspected, although not confirmed, to have been written by Crusius.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar spoke about the alleged manifesto, describing it as “fueled by hate and bigotry and racism.”

None of the shooting victims have yet been identified.

[Feature image: AP Photo/Rudy Gutierrez]