Little boy kills himself after learning his crush has a boyfriend. Coroner says he likely mimicked a glamorized TV show: Report

A 13-year-old accidentally took his own life after finding out through popular messenger, WhatsApp, that his crush already had a boyfriend.

DailyMail reports that according to authorities, 13-year-old Harry Storey was devastated when he learned through a series of WhatsApp messages between friends that the girl he liked was already taken. However, experts say the boy did not mean to kill himself.

Harry’s father, Andrew Storey, found the boy deceased inside their Oxfordshire, England, home on March 1. Harry apparently hanged himself, but officials at an inquest in Oxford said a television show may have prompted him to do it while not realizing how dangerous it was.

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Harry, according to his father, had recently watched an actress on television attempt to hang herself before friends rescued her.

“We watched a programme where the female star had hanged herself but her friends rescued her. It made us wonder whether he had a sensationalised view of what might happen.”

Oxfordshire Coroner Darren Salter said Harry probably didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation and had a “glamorized” view of possibly being rescued after watching the show. A police investigator reportedly said that boy likely didn’t realize how fast he could lose consciousness.

“I believe Harry would not have been aware of how short the period is when you lose consciousness when there is pressure on the neck,” Detective Sergeant Lou Heffernan-Glover reportedly said. “I think he lost consciousness unexpectedly. It could not have been predicted or prevented by his family.”

Harry’s father said that the boy had already made plans for the next three weekends and never had any known mental issues. Friends reportedly told police that Harry mentioned suicide before but in a sarcastic tone. His friends added that Harry was “bubbly,” according to the outlet.

Oxford Mail reports that Harry’s parents said they never thought they had to worry about him. He was always a “charismatic and charming boy” who loved the outdoors and had “high expectations’ for himself.”

Further, there was no suicide note and no evidence or behavior of a planned suicide, Heffernan-Glover added.

Salter said although there was an “element of speculation” in his findings, he concluded that Harry did not commit suicide. His death was ultimately ruled as “misadventure.”

“There is an element of speculation but it seems to me that Harry did not intend it to be fatal. Therefore the conclusion is one of misadventure. Misadventure is similar to an accident; it is the deliberate undertaking of a risk that goes wrong causing death.”

According to his obituary, Harry leaves behind his parents, a sibling, and numerous other family members.

“A much loved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. Our beautiful boy will be forever in our thoughts.”

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