SEE IT: Patrick Frazee’s mistress walks investigators through grisly crime scene; admits she burned bloody stuffed animals belonging to Kelsey Berreth’s daughter with Colorado mother’s body

New video shows Patrick Frazee’s former mistress Krystal Lee showing investigators how she cleaned up blood splatter in Kelsey Berreth’s Woodland Park, Colorado, townhouse before helping Frazee burn the young mother’s remains–along with her daughter’s bloody stuffed animals.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Frazee was found guilty on all counts, including first-degree murder, earlier this week after a Teller County jury heard damning evidence convincing them he was responsible for the brutal killing of his toddler daughter’s mother. Berreth’s body had not been found, but Frazee’s former mistress Krystal Lee testified in court that she complied with his order to clean up Berreth’s home after he bludgeoned her to death with a bat, and later helped him burn her body and other evidence on Frazee’s Florissant ranch.

CBS released a segment of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation evidence video ahead of a “48 Hours” episode about the case that will air on Friday night. In the video, Lee is seen wearing a CBI sweatshirt and hat, and pointing out areas in the townhouse, including a wall along the staircase, where she cleaned up blood splatter after driving 12 hours from her home in Idaho to Woodland Park.

An extended preview clip can be seen on the CBS News website. In it, Lee is seen at Frazee’s ranch with investigators, where she shows them the spot where she and Frazee burned Berreth’s body and additional evidence, including the victim’s daughter’s stuff animals stained with her mother’s blood, and a Bible.

Lee entered into a plea deal in which she confessed to tampering with evidence, and faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison. According to a “CBS This Morning” segment, she is due back in court on November 2.

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[Feature image: Krystal Lee/CBS video screenshot]