Heidi Broussard

Heidi Broussard: FBI’s child abduction team joins frantic search for mom & newborn who mysteriously vanished in broad daylight

Texas police are still searching for an Austin mom who mysteriously vanished on Thursday with her 2-week-old baby. The FBI has now joined the investigation.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Heidi Broussard was last seen dropping her son off at Cowan Elementary School in Austin on Thursday morning at around 7:50 a.m. Friends and family said she dropped her son off at a book fair at the school.

Authorities said Heidi and her infant daughter, Margot, returned home afterward, at the Club at Summer Valley apartments off of West William Cannon Drive and South First Street, but at some point, disappeared. The apartment complex is around three miles away from the elementary school.

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Heidi was spotted on security footage at the school, wearing a purple long sleeve top. According to the Austin Police Department, the footage was taken around 7:50 a.m.

Heidi’s fiance, Shane Carey, reported her missing at around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. Detective Brad Herries with APD Violent Crimes said Carey is not considered a person of interest at this time, nor is anyone else.

“We don’t have a person of interest right now. To be completely honest, anything is possible at this time,”

Harries added that the FBI’s Child Abduction Deployment Response team also joined the investigation. Harries added that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there was an abduction. Authorities are currently covering all bases.

“Anything is possible at this point,” Harries said. “At this time, we have no reason to believe Broussard nor the baby are harmed. We are still looking for them in a search and recovery manner.”

On Monday, Carey told KVUE that he left their apartment at 6:40 a.m. for work on Thursday. He said he last heard from Heidi at around 8:15 a.m. that same morning. She reportedly she called him and said she spent around $25 at the book fair.

“[Broussard] called me around eight something on her way home from the book fair — said she spent $25. I was like’ that’s okay.’ I told her ‘I have to go’  because I was on my way out [to work] and I told you ‘I love you, bye.’”

Carey said he arrived home from work at around 2 p.m. on Thursday and didn’t see Heidi or baby Margot. Heidi’s car and purse were left behind. Casey also said the baby’s belonging were left behind. There were reportedly no signs of struggle in the home.

Carey said he received a call from their son’s daycare at around 6 p.m. Apparently, no one had picked the boy up yet. Carey, who is also the father of Margot, said he subsequently contacted 911.

Carey explained that he didn’t call police beforehand since Heidi has a friend in the same apartment complex. He thought she had perhaps gone to her friend’s home and he didn’t think anything was out of the unusual until he realized their son was still at daycare.

Everything was like she was home,” Carey told FOX 7. “I mean that’s why I thought she was at her friend’s house…..Her car seat is upstairs, her purse is upstairs, her ID, wallet; there are no signs of her taking the baby. She would never leave her car door unlocked. Her car door was unlocked. So that’s a weird sign.”

The pair have been together around a decade, according to Carey. He said he’s never known Heidi to have enemies and doesn’t know of anyone who would want her harmed.

“I just don’t see why no one heard any screams or anything out here so we’re trying to put the puzzle pieces together,” Carey said.

Carey said Heidi’s phone is unaccounted for. He said when he tried to call her on Thursday afternoon, it went straight to voicemail.

“It’s just the only thing gone is [Broussard] the baby, her keys and her cellphone, which has been off since I tried to call her at 1:40,” Carey said.

According to NBC 9, Heidi’s friends said her apartment door was found wide open when Carey arrived home. CrimeOnline reached out to the Austin Police Department, but they have not confirmed the details.

Heidi is described as a white female who stands 5-foot-3-inches tall and weighs around 150 pounds. She has long, dark hair with highlights.

“I just want her to come home,” Carey said. “She’s amazing. She’s missed. She has her whole family here supporting, praying for her to come home, and hopefully, that’s just – I don’t know – somebody to bring her home safe. I don’t care, just drop her off.”

Anyone with information should contact the Austin Police Department immediately.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]