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Police say 14-year-old suspect stabbed college student Tessa Majors to death after she bit him, fought back: Reports

Investigators have identified a possible motive for why New York City college student Tessa Majors was killed earlier this month: she fought back against her attackers.

The New York Post, citing anonymous police sources, reports that the mugging turned into a murder after Majors bit one of the perpetrator’s fingers, prompting him to stab her to death.

“She bit him, and that is why he stabbed her,” the source told the Post.

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Police believe the bite may have drawn blood, which investigators are now analyzing. The teen suspected of stabbing Majors, a 14-year-old boy, submitted DNA for testing under a court order on Thursday. That test will be compared to DNA swabs taken from Majors’ body, her clothing and at the scene.

Zyairr Davis, 13, an alleged accomplice to the 14-year-old suspect, told investigators that Majors had bitten the suspect’s finger, according to court records. Davis then watched the 14-year-old suspect stab Majors repeatedly, NBC New York reports.

The 14-year-old suspect has been released and no charges have been filed until results of the DNA testing are back.

Police had been searching for the suspect for more than two weeks until catching him on Thursday in the Bronx. He has not said anything to authorities and reportedly has a lawyer.

One source told the Post that the suspect may have been avoiding authorities until his finger healed.

“He must not have had a bite mark [when taken to police],” a source told the Post. “If he did, that would have been enough corroborating evidence to hold him.”

A 12-year-old neighbor told the newspaper that the suspect “hangs around with not the right people at times,” but that “nobody would ever think he would do anything like this.”

Police believe three people were involved in Majors’ December 11 mugging and murder. Davis is the only person to be charged and in custody thus far.
Majors was laid to rest last weekend.

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[Feature Photo: 14-year-old suspect/NYPD]