Police officer dodges ‘FLYING FECES’ as shoplifter projectile poops all over Walmart, claiming to have coronavirus: Report

A woman who was arrested at a North Carolina Walmart earlier this month reportedly projectile defecated in the loss prevention office as she was taken into custody.

Dominica Dearing, 41, recently pleaded guilty to larceny and for violating Haywood County-wide’s stay-at-home order for two incidents which occurred at a Walmart on April 3 and 4. Dearing, who is from Beachwood, Ohio, was prosecuted for violating the order because she failed to quarantine for 14 days after coming from out of town.

The Mountaineer reported that Dearing first shoplifted from Walmart on April 3. Loss prevention officers apprehended her the following day when she returned to the store and shoplifted a second time.

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Waynesville Police Department wrote that while in the loss prevention office, Dearing defecated on the floor because “she could not hold it.”

Dearing screamed in an unidentifiable language upon being placed under arrest. She then hitched up her dress and “started projectile defecating all over the office,” according to the police report.

“[The officer] backed up into the corner in the office to avoid the flying feces and called for backup. The female continued to hold her dress up and kept yelling and screaming at everyone around. After she put her dress down, she kept saying that she had the coronavirus and wanted treatment,” police also wrote.

While officers managed to cuff Dearing, The Mountaineer reported that she remained combative and defecated in the entrance of the Walmart.

Dearing, who stole $238.79 worth of items, received a suspended 45-day sentence and 12 months of unsupervised probation. Authorities attributed her light sentence to her lack of a criminal record.

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[Featured image: Dominica Dearing/Haywood County Detention Center]