SEE IT: Dead husband said ‘cult mom’ Lori Vallow locked him out of life insurance account

The mother of two missing children in Idaho, with ties to a string of supicious deaths, was accused of locking her now-dead former husband out of his life insurance account.

Fox 1o Phoenix obtained emails from Lori Vallow’s late husband Charles Vallow, accusing her of changing the password to the online portal for his life insurance policy.

Charles Vallow reportedly sent the emails to his life insurance agent in February 2019, as he and Lori were going through a divorce. At the time, he was attempting to remove Lori as a beneficiary. When he died in June 2019, his sister Kay Woodock, who is also the grandmother of Charles and Lori’s adopted son, was the beneficiary. In an appaearance on “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” Woodcock said that her brother expected she might take custody of the boy in the event of his death, as he apparently believed that Lori did not want to care for him.

The boy, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow, and his 17-year-old sister Tylee Ryan, have not been seen since September. Vallow is in jail in Idaho on charges of child desertion.

Vallow’s brother Alex Cox admitted to fatally shooting Charles Vallow in July; claiming self-defense. Cox was never criminally charged, and he died in December 2019 of still-undisclosed causes.

In the fall, Vallow married Chad Daybell, just weeks after his wife Tammy Daybell died suddenly. Her death is now being investigated, and the Idaho Attorney General’s office is working with prosecutors to determine is Vallow and Daybell were involved in her death. Neither have been criminally charged in the case, and Daybell has not been charged in connection to the missing children.

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