Missing Suzanne Morphew: No body found as search continues at landscaper husband’s job site; police have made no arrests

UPDATE: 7: 28 p.m. ET:

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office has said that Suzanne Morphew’s body has not been found at a location  in Salida where investigators had been searching on Friday. The search has concluded for the day, and is expected to continue. Authorities have not made any arrests in the case.


Authorities in Colorado have reportedly cordoned off a road near the area where investigators have focused their search for missing mother Suzanne Morphew, who was reported missing on May 10.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s office has not yet confirmed any reports of a possible discovery in the search for Morphew. The Colorado Herald posted a photo on its Facebook page that was reportedly taken not far from Morphew’s Maysville home on Friday. The post notes a heavy police presence along with multiple evidence trucks at the scene.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and a Public Information Officer assigned to handle media inquires about the missing persons investigation said via text message that she would be sending a news release on Friday. The PIO did not comment about unconfirmed reports circulating widely on social media Friday that investigators had made a significant discovery in the search for the 49-year-old woman.

Reached by phone, Chaffee County Fire Chief Robert Bertram told CrimeOnline that he believes investigators have blocked an area of County Road-105. He said that he had been told by a close friend of Suzanne’s husband Barry Morphew, who works as a landscaper and a volunteer firefighter in Chaffee County, that the increased police presence is at one of Barry Morphew’s former or current residential job sites. The Chaffee County Fire Department is not working with the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office in the search for the missing mother, but Bertram had previously told CrimeOnline that some firefighters had volunteered to participate in an independent search.

A Fox 21 reporter said in a Twitter post on Friday that the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they are searching for Morphew east of Salida, which neighbors Maysville.

This is a developing story and all information is preliminary. CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.

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