Lena Hernandez

SEE IT: Elderly woman goes on racist rant, tells jogger to ‘go back to whatever f******* Asian country you belong in’

*Warning*: Graphic Language

A California jogger was doing a workout routine in a public park when a random woman began screaming profanities at her.

ABC7 reports that the incident happened Wednesday on a set of stairs at Charles H. Wilson Park in Torrance. An unknown older woman apparently unleashed a string of profane comments after walking up the stairs, then back down the stairs, prompting the jogger to stop her workout.

“Jesus,” the jogger said after the woman made her way down the steps.

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The comment apparently set the elderly woman off, according to the victim, who was already recording her workout routine when the woman started screaming at her.

“Go back to whatever f****** Asian country you belong in. This is not your place. This is not your home. We do not want you here.”

“You little f***** b****. This is not your place, this is not your home. We do not want you here. Put that on Facebook. I hope you do. Because every f******* person will beat the crap out of you from here on out. Don’t you ever say oh Jesus to me when I want to use the stairs you little b****.”

The victim said she was shocked by the incident, which has left her scared to work out in the park again.

“I was in shock, I was like, ‘I don’t even know how to respond to this. Is this really happening to me?’” the victim told KTLA 5.

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey announced that the local police department is aware of the incident. It’s unclear if any charges will come from the incident.

“Public safety is a high priority in the City of Torrance,” Furey said. “And, all visitors to our open spaces should always feel safe and free to exercise while practicing social distancing without conflict…Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated.”

Check back for updates.

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