SEE IT: Woman pulls gun on mom & teen daughter during argument outside Chipotle [VIDEO]

A woman who was reportedly filmed pulling a gun on a mother and daughter outside a Chipotle in Michigan may face criminal charges in connection with Wednesday’s incident.

Makayla Green told The Detroit News that she was walking into the Orion Township restaurant when a woman, leaving the establishment, knocked into her. Green claimed she told the woman “excuse you,” sparking the woman to hurl obscenities at her and accuse her of invading her personal space.

Green reportedly called for her mother, Takelia Hill, who presumably was also outside the fast-food restaurant when the verbal altercation started. Hill told the news outlet that she witnessed the woman yelling in her daughter’s face.

***WARNING: The following video contains language which could be offensive to some viewers. Please use discretion.***

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The alleged, earlier verbal altercation was not caught on camera. The Detroit News obtained a three-minute video clip showing Hill and Green call the unidentified woman “ignorant” and “racist” while in the parking lot. Moments later, a man exits an SUV and asks the pair, “Who the f**k do you think you are?” and helps the woman into the vehicle.

The woman, sitting in the front passenger seat, pulls down the window and says she isn’t racist. Hill’s spotted stepping back as the SUV backs out of a parking space.

Seconds later, Hill is filmed hitting the SUV’s back window and yelling that they tried to run her over. The man and woman exit the SUV before the woman yells for Hill to “get the f**k away from me” and brandishes a handgun.

Green, Hill, and the unidentified woman are all heard saying to call the cops. The woman, walking backward, continues to aim her gun at Hill while ordering Hill to “stay the f**k back.” Hill’s heard saying to get the license plate as the woman gets back into the SUV.

As the SUV drives off, someone off-camera can is overheard saying that the woman and man both pulled a gun on their mother, presumably Hill.

Hill told the news outlet that police responded to the scene and cuffed the woman but they ultimately let her go. However, on Thursday, Oakland County Executive David Coulter revealed to The Detroit News that he expects the prosecutor to file criminal charges in this case.

It’s not immediately clear what charges the woman is facing, and whether the man with her will be criminally charged as well. A press conference regarding Wednesday’s incident is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

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[Featured image: Twitter video screengrab]