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‘Don’t cure me’: Little girl, 7, asks doctor to let her die after enduring years of abuse at home: Report

A 7-year-old girl, currently in the hospital after she was brutally beaten, reportedly told doctors not to “cure her,” as she was tired of being hurt at home.

The Yucatan Journal reports that the child, identified only as “Yaz,” is currently at the Hospital de Las Margaritas in Pueblo, Mexico. Doctors noted that she had internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, burn marks on her back, cigarette burns on her arms and hands, and signs of sexual assault.

“I want to die…I don’t want to go back to my parents so that they keep hitting me,” the little girl said, according to a statement doctors gave to investigators.

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A neighbor reportedly took the little girl to the hospital after witnessing the mistreatment. Yaz is said to be in critical condition.

There have been at least three other occasions in which Yaz was physically harmed, the outlet reports. No arrests were made until this month.

In August, according to MailOnline, surgeons had to do a graft on the burns to the child’s buttocks that were so severe that it “destroyed part of the muscle.” In April, she underwent surgery for intestinal damage, and in February, she was admitted to the hospital with cuts on her legs. Her father allegedly said the little girl’s mother caused the cuts.

In January, reports of sexual violence reportedly surfaced. The child’s uncle is reportedly on the run after being accused of sexually assaulting the child.

According to the Attorney General of the State of Puebla, the child’s parents, identified as Rafael N. and Alejandra N., were detained on September 3 as the investigation continues. They’ve been charged with family violence and child abandonment.

Authorities are now investigating the death of Yaz’s 3-year-old little sister, who passed away in June. Her official cause of death was listed as accidental asphyxiation. The Development of Family Integrity (DIF) has now pushed to reopen the case.

Meanwhile, Frida Guerrera, a woman’s rights activist, is pushing for additional justice. Guerrera, according to Proceso, feels that the child’s mother was also a victim of domestic violence and feared for her life.

“If the Puebla authorities had done their job since January, which was the first moment that there were indications that the girl had suffered sexual violence, the girl would not be in the hospital now, and Mitzi (her little sister) would not be dead,” Guerrera said. “Of course there is institutional responsibility in this.”

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