Alyssa Turney

[Wednesday Crime Stories] BREAK IN THE CASE: Beautiful 17-year-old Alissa Turney argues with step-father then goes missing

Did she run away? Is there foul play? What happened to Alissa Turney?

Alissa Turney, 17, goes to lunch with her step-father. They argue. The step-father leaves to pick up his other daughter. Alissa is never seen again. Did she run away? Is foul play involved? Is the family now getting answers?

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Jason Oshins
Jason Oshins – New York Defense Attorney
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Karen Smith – Los Angeles Forensics Expert, Lecturer at the University of Florida, Host of “Shattered Souls” podcast.
Levi Page – Investigative Reporter, CrimeOnline

Additional Guest

Brooke Freundschuh -Advocate for Alissa, Family friend, Volunteer

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[Feature Photo: Alissa Turney/Family Handout]