SEE IT: Cops find two tots locked in filthy room after neighbor spots one dangling from window, naked

An Ohio mother is behind bars after police say she left her two young sons locked in a filthy second-floor bedroom with an unlocked window.

Local News 12 reports that officers from the Toronto Police Department responded to a home off of Banks Street in Toronto on November 27, after a neighbor saw a toddler boy, naked, dangling out of a second-story window.

The first officer to arrive at the scene, Sergeant Derrick Piatt, reportedly noted that the doors to the home were locked and no one was answering the door. He then contacted the Toronto Fire Department for help. When they arrived, Piatt used a ladder to climb to the boys’ room.

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2nd story window
A neighbor saw a young boy hanging out of this 2nd-story window. [Photo: Toronto PD]
Once inside, the officer observed a filthy bedroom with hundreds of flies swarming around and a urine-soaked mattress. One of the boys stood at the window while the officer climbed in, and the other boy was curled up on the floor, wearing a red shirt. Their ages are two and three, according to police.

“Deplorable conditions,” Piatt said. “It’s probably one of the worst houses I’ve even been in. Several hundred flies were inside.”

When Piatt tried to open the bedroom door, he noticed that the lock was on the outside and that the door handles had been shut tight together with an extension cord. Officers eventually cut through the cord.

Police later found the children’s mother, 27-year-old Marcisha Ortiz, and asked why her children were locked up in a filthy bedroom. Ortiz reportedly said she had to go to work that morning and admitted that the boys had not eaten since Thanksgiving, the day prior.

Marcisha Ortiz
Marcisha Ortiz [Photo: Toronto PD]
Ortiz reportedly had nothing to say when asked why she left the boys without supervision.

“She didn’t give us any reason. When asked why she just looked at us and stated she didn’t know,” Piatt said.

Ortiz was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of children and possession of drugs. Her sons are now with Child Protective Services.

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[Feature Photo via Toronto PD]