Dimitri Cash and Shekeria Cash

AMBER Alert dad lost custody for beating children with extension cord & plank before masked men abducted brother & sister [Report]

The father of two children who were abducted earlier this week had previously lost custody of all four of his children, reportedly for abusive corporal punishment.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, two tall mask-wearing men reportedly kidnapped Shekeria Cash, 3, and Dimitri Cash Jr., 5, from a foster home in Greece, New York. Both men were dressed identical, police said, wearing flannel shirts, khaki pants, black ski masks, and black ski hats.

The suspects smashed into a window at the home and specifically searched for Dimitri Jr. and Shekeria. Police said the suspects violently grabbed the children and put duct tape around a foster mother and two other children, NBC 10 reports.

According to a 911 call, a caller named one of the suspects as Dimitri Cash Sr., the children’s biological father.

On January 20, the children were found hidden under blankets in the floorboard of a car in Montgomery, Alabama. A woman driving the car has been arrested. Cash Sr. remains a person of interest but hasn’t been charged in connection with the incident.

ABC 13 reports that Cash Sr. lost custody of his four children after allegedly beating the two oldest. One of the older children, a girl, described in detail how she was beaten with a plank until she bled. The abuse resulted in the children being taken away by social services.

“She could describe with specificity how she was hit with a plank and how it would cause her bottom to bleed and how she would have to use a damp Kleenex to stop the bleeding,” attorney Maureen Polen said during a Zoom conference in December, after Cash Sr. filed an appeal to get his children back.

Pediatrician Carol Eisman, who also attended the Zoom meeting, said that the two oldest children had “serious injuries inflicted over a considerable period of time.”

“That’s a fundamental defect in parenting,” Eisman said. “The violence both parents inflicted on those two older children – it was just a matter of time before those younger children became victims.”

The oldest son reportedly had injuries consistent with being hit with an extension cord. The children’s mother is reportedly no longer in their lives.

Meanwhile, Cash Sr. continues to fight for custody of his children, while presenting himself on social media as a parent who was wronged by social services and the legal system. He’s already amassed thousands of signatures on an online petition.

Cash Sr. has also raised over $500 via GoFundMe, despite a judge’s ruling that that evidence presented proved the children were neglected and abused while in the care of Cash Sr.

“Concerning to me is also the father’s statement that you can do what you want, when asked about physical discipline,” Judge Patrick NeMoyer said. “You can do what you want with your own children.”

Meanwhile, Greece Police Chief Drew Forsythe said that the children’s abduction case is far from over.

“There’s more people to locate. There’s much more evidence to process and interviews to be conducted, so we’re not even close.”

Check back for updates.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]