Stimulus check argument leads to 4 murders, including a 7-year-old, when baby’s father demands half: Police

An Indiana family has been left devastated after a man allegedly shot and killed four people over a stimulus check.

Fox 59 reports that the father of a young baby demanded that he get half of a $1,400 stimulus check. The baby’s mother, Jeanettrius Moore, worked all year at a beauty shop to provide for her child, allegedly while the baby’s father, Malik Halfacre, did nothing to help.

“He wanted some of Jeanettrius’ tax money, stimulus money,” Wendy Johnson, a cousin, told the outlet.

Family members added that Moore offered Halfacre $450 out of the check, but he reportedly refused and demanded half.

“I’m gonna get that money,” Halfacre allegedly said.

On Saturday, when Moore was outside near her car, Halfacre reportedly spotted her and gave her a dirty look before walking away.

“She said he gave her an evil look and walked off,” said Johnson. “He came back.”

When Halfacre returned, he reportedly started going through Moore’s purse and demanding the money.

“Daquan was trying to save his sister. He was taking up for his sister,” said Johnson. “He stood up and said, ‘You cannot have the money. You cannot have her money.’ That’s what she said and pushed Malik, and Malik pulled out the gun and just started killing everybody.

“He shot Daquan first. He shot Anthony. He turned around, and he shot my Auntie Tomeeka. My Auntie Tomeeka said, ‘Malik!’ and he shot her again. He came back and shot Daquan for the second time and somewhere between little Baby Eve got hit somewhere and she was screaming, she was screaming.”

The victims have been identified as :

  • Daquan Moore, 23
  • Eve Moore, 7
  • Tomeeka Brown, 44
  • Anthony Johnson, 35

Jeanettrius Moore was injured during the incident but expected to survive.

“When he went in the house, that was Jeanettrius’ cue to run for her life, and that’s what she did. Ran for her life in traffic across New York Street and knocking on everyone’s doors.”

Halfacre fled the scene with his infant daughter but she was subsequently found at a home on the city’s northeast side. The baby was inside the home unharmed, but Halfacre wasn’t detained until after a four-hour-long SWAT standoff, where he barricaded himself inside of a duplex.

Halfacre has since been arrested and charged with murder, robbery, and attempted murder.

“She was frantic. She was hysterical. She was in pain,” neighbor Craig Jackson, who helped Moore, said.

“She said her baby daddy shot her, and he shot her, her mother and the kids. She said she was the only person who got away.”

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]