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BREAKING: Active shooter firing at police and pedestrians in Connecticut; SWAT team responds as residents are evacuated [VIDEO]


8 News reports that the suspected gunman is barricaded inside a home in Branford, Connecticut, and is firing at police officers who are attempting to secure the scene. According to a Tuesday afternoon broadcast, the suspect is also firing shots toward a busy shopping area nearby the residence.

It is unclear if there are any other people inside the home with the shooter. As previously reported, children were seen being evacuated from a neighboring home.

An earlier report indicated that the suspect was inside a hair salon. It is unclear if that report was inaccurate or if the gunman changed locations.


An active shooter investigation has drawn a heavy police presence in Branford, Connecticut, on Tuesday afternoon.

8 News reports that SWAT negotiators are at the scene near the intersection of Main Street and Cherry Hill Road, where a suspected gunman has reportedly opened fire inside a hair salon, and possibly at additional locations.

Authorities are reportedly trying to make contact with the suspected gunman.

According to the report, some residents have been evacuated from the area.

While the report indicates that the suspect fired at police officers, it is unclear if anyone has been injured.

This is a developing story and all information is preliminary. CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.