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UPDATE: Florida Man Who Killed a Mom & Tot Girl Gets Massive Following Because He’s ‘Too Cute’ for Prison: Reports

A Florida man convicted earlier this year of vehicular homicide apparently has a huge following on social media, filled with a mix of people who thinks his sentence was too harsh for such a “cute” person.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Ohio native Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt was in Tampa in July 2018,  pushing her daughter Lillia across Bayshore Boulevard shortly before noon, when Cameron Herrin, 18 at the time, plowed into them while street racing

The victims were both struck by a black Ford Mustang. That vehicle was at a high rate of speed alongside a gold Nissan. Both mother and daughter subsequently passed away.

Authorities determined that Herrin was driving the car that struck the mother and child. In April, he was convicted and given a 24-year prison sentence for vehicular homicide. Within a few months, social media groups in support of Herrin began to flood social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Jessica ReisingerRaubenolt and her daughter, Lillia [Facebook]
Tampa Bay Times reports that “justice for Cameron” and “Cameron Herrin” tags began pouring in on social media sites, especially the social media pages for the 13th Circuit Court, Hillsborough County state attorney, Andrew Warren. Comments were also sent to the Tampa Bay Times, local television stations, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and President Joe Biden.

Most supporters claimed that 24 years was too harsh of a sentence for Herrin, who didn’t purposely kill the victims. However, the lengthy sentence was handed down given Herrin’s previous history of excessive speeding, Judge Christopher Nash reportedly said.

“Poor boy,” one comment read. “He doesn’t do in purpose.”

Other social media users have referred to Herrin as “too cute” and “omg his eyess [sic],” Insider reports. TikTok videos about Herrin have been viewed over 2 billion times.

Herrin’s mother told the Times that people from the Middle East have contacted her in support of Herrin, in what she is calling an “unhealthy obsession” with her son.

When authorities transferred Herrin from the Hillsborough County Jail to the Florida Department of Corrections Central Florida Reception Center, support calls for him began flooding into the prison;  some people allegedly hacked into a prison guard’s social media account.

Meanwhile, at Herrin’s sentencing hearing in April, Reisinger-Raubenolt’s husband reminded the court that despite rumors, what Herrin did was no accident, in his opinion.

“This was a crash, not an accident. please be aware of that,” said David Raubenolt, who’s also Lillia’s father, said during Herrin’s sentencing hearing.

“Since the unspeakable and terrifying death of my wife and daughter, I’ve suffered horrifically every moment. It is nearly impossible to put into words the agony of this legal process and the decaying of my life during this time.”

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[Feature Photo: Cameron Herrin; Facebook/Police Handout]