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DANGER: Protesters Wave Swastika Outside Jewish Politician NY Office

Multiple protesters gathered outside of New York Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’s office on Sunday to protest the proposal of vaccine requirements for children attending school.

According to the Washington Post, the incident happened outside of Dinowitz’s Bronx office after he pushed for a bill that would require all students In New York to get the COVD-19 vaccine shot before attending classes.

Protesters gathered outside of the office holding disturbing signs, several of which referenced the Holocaust with Nazi symbols. Another protester held a sign with a swastika image that said “Nuremberg Code,” referring to human experimentation that started during the 1920s and consisted of unethical medical practices and “racial hygiene.”

“The display of swastikas and yellow Stars of David outside my office today is repugnant and offensive,” Dinowitz tweeted.

Some of the parents in attendance said that it wasn’t about anti-vaccination, but more about giving the parents the choice to choose whether their child should be vaccinated.

“This is not about vaccinations. It’s not anti-vax. It’s about anti-mandate,” one woman told PIX11. “All parents should have a choice about whether their children are vaccinated or not.”

The protest was reportedly led by Rob Astorino, a Republican candidate for New York governor. Astorino, who said he didn’t see anyone with swastika images until photos surfaced online, claimed he condemned the comparison of the vaccine requirements to Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, Dinowitz reportedly said that he’s confused as to why parents are so against getting the COVID-19 vaccination for their children.

“We have mandates all the time. Kids have to get measles shots to go to school, that’s a mandate. You have to wear a seatbelt when you drive, mandate. You have to drive on the right side of the road, mandate. That’s the way it is.”

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[Feature Photo via Jeffrey Dinowitz/Twitter]