Isus Thompson mugshot

NYPD Cop Says ‘I COULD HAVE DIED’: Outrage Over Bail-fail on His Attacker

A New York police officer is astounded that a convicted cop attacker, accused of attacking another officer, was let out of jail without bail.

Isus Thompson, 38, was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly attacked NYPD officer, Officer Kyo Sun Lee, 30. According to an arrest affidavit, Thompson hit the officer with a backpack containing a metal safe and a DVD player. Thompson was subsequently arrested on assault charges.

He’s now out of jail after a judge declined to set a bail amount, the New York Post reports.

This isn’t the first time Thompson attacked a cop. Thompson attacked Queens Officer Demitrios Raptis on June 6, 2008, at a Forest Hills park. Thompson ended up spending years in prison before an early parole release in 2012.

It’s insane,” Raptis, 42, told the Post. “I could have died that night…I mean, six times to the abdomen.”

Raptis encountered Thompson in 2008 while Thompson was smoking marijuana at the Ehrenreich-Austin Playground. After Raptis asked for identification and informed Thompson he couldn’t be in the park late at night, he asked Thompson to follow him to his cruiser and place his hands on it.

Thompson pulled out a knife and stabbed Raptis several times in the stomach. Thompson fled but was apprehended shortly after.

“These guys are violent criminals, and they’re being let out with no bail, nothing,” Raptis said. “Everybody’s in and out, that’s the problem. Nobody goes to jail anymore.”

“These criminals know, ‘I’m not going to jail. I’m going to Central Booking. I’m going to get a ticket, I’m going to do it again…They know there’s no consequences.”

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[Feature Photo: Isus Thompson/ Police Handout]