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ISIS Supporter Learns His Fate, Faints in Court After Little Girl He Chained Up in Scorching Heat Dies of Thirst

A former Islamic State member has been sentenced to life in prison for genocide after he murdered a Yazidi girl by chaining her up for wetting the bed.

According to an indictment, 29-year-old Taha al-Jumailly bought a 5-year-old Yazidi child, Reda, and her mother as slaves, then kept them him in his Fallujah, Iraq, residence in 2015. His former wife, 30-year-old Jennifer Wenisch, was also included in the indictment.

Jumailly “joined the Islamic State sometime before March 2013,” the Washington Post reports. In the summer of 2014, Reda and her mother were abducted by militants. Jumailly purchased the pair afterward.

The defendant forced the pair to participate in his prayers and punished them whenever he felt like it, whether there was a reason or not, according to court documents. During one incident, Jumailly gave the child to a male acquaintance for the night.

DailyMail reports that the final punishment against the child happened after the little girl wet her bed. She was tied to a window outside and forced to stand in the hot sun while the heat, reaching 122F, became unbearable. She later passed away from dehydration.

“After the girl fell ill and wet her mattress, the husband of the accused chained her up outside as punishment and let the child die an agonizing death of thirst in the scorching heat,” prosecutors said.

Wenisch, who had a previous trial, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her role in the crimes. Wenisch, also an ISIS supporter, “aided and abetted” her husband while he tortured the young girl.

“The accused allowed her husband to do so and did nothing to save the girl,” prosecutors added.

The child’s mother was also punished and made to stand outside, resulting in severe blistering. She survived the ordeal and testified against the defendants.

Along with physical and mental torture, the mother explained she was raped numerous times by IS jihadists after they invaded her village in the Sinjar mountain, in 2014.

Jumailly fainted in the courtroom when he learned he will be spending the rest of his life in prison for genocide. He is the first ISIS member to be convicted of genocide against the Yazidis, the BBC reports.

“This is the outcome every single Yazidi and all genocide survivors were hoping to see,” a lawyer and member of the NGO Yazda, Natia Navrouzov, said after the verdict.

“Today is a historical day for humanity and the Yazidi genocide enters finally the history of international criminal law. We will make sure that more trials such as this take place.”

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