Edna Northcutt

Urgent! 82-year-old lady missing from Philly

by Leigh Egan


Philadelphia police are looking for an 82-year-old woman who went missing from the North Philadelphia area on Wednesday.

ABC 6 reports that Edna Northcutt contacted her family at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, stating she was lost in New Jersey and had no idea how she got there. Authorities indicated that she was likely around the Monroe Township, New Jersey, area.

Northcutt, of  North 2nd Street in Philadelphia, was driving a black 2010 Ford Edge with Pennsylvania license plate number, GWY-4860. She has short black hair and brown eyes, and stands five-feet-two inches tall. She has a medium-brown skin complexion and thin build. She was wearing a white jacket, black pants, and a dark blue shirt when she disappeared. Her cellphone battery is probably dead.

Anyone who spots Northcutt or has information regarding her whereabouts should call 215-686-3243 or call 911.

[Feature Photo: Philadelphia PD]

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