About Crime Online

Crime Online ushers in a new era of combatting crime and crime awareness. From the “Most Wanted” across the country to missing people and Amber Alerts, nationwide breaking crime news, sex offender registries, jail breaks, “caught-on-video,” tip lines and the newest, slickest consumer scams, Crime Online arms its audience with need-to-know information that not only allows them to protect themselves but also gather as a community – a crime-busting nation – to fight back.

So many of us believe, “It could never happen to me or my family,” but that’s simply not true; it does. Crime disrupts and even destroys the lives of thousands Americans every single day. One way to take back our power is through information and learning how to apply it. A unique facet of Crime Online is the joining together of legal and criminal experts from all walks who join us editorially with their highly trained perspectives on topics including cybercrime, addiction, forensic pathology, crime scene investigation, cold cases and even criminal psychopathy.

Crime Online features an all-new podcast, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, that not only tackles breaking crime news but also dissects specific cases, cold or hot, with experts, special guests and listener call-ins. In conjunction with the podcast call-in feature, the site itself also allows readers to engage by providing their own input and theories.

At the intersection of crime-reporting and crime-fighting, Crime Online – the digital sword and shield of Lady Justice – is just one click away. Join us!

Crime Online is a joint venture between Nancy Grace and Red Seat Ventures.

Our Team
Nancy Grace, Founder & Host of ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’
Wilson Garrett, General Manager
Jackie Howard, Executive Producer ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’
Leigh Egan, Editor
Ellen Killoran, Editor
Jacquelyn Gray, Staff Writer