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2-year-old tot found licking bong in running car

by Ellen Killoran

It is not known what the woman’s relationship is to the child

A Houston woman is in custody after a 2-year-old boy was left alone in her car with a marijuana bong.

According to, Teliscia Davis, 24, was arrested and charged with child endangerment Friday after a 2-year-old boy licked a bong after she allegedly left him alone in a car with the engine running.

According to Harris County court records obtained by, Davis left the boy “in the front seat of a running vehicle with the windows down” and did not immediately seek medical care after he liked the bong. It is not yet known what her relationship is to the boy or exactly how he was discovered alone in the car.

Davis was reportedly held for two days before making the $2,000 bail and is due back in court on Monday. According to, she has previous arrests for assault and making terroristic threats.

Ellen is a seasoned journalist and former media & entertainment reporter with a taste for true crime. Formerly a senior editor at IBTimes, her work has appeared in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Maxim, NYMag, Indiewire, and more. She co-produced the HBO documentary "Youth Knows No Pain" and appeared in a documentary series that aired alongside the Lifetime movie "Manson's Lost Girls."