Sugar-starved woman attacks girl-scout mom, steals cash at Walmart cookie stand

by Christine Field

When did Girl Scout Cookie season become so dangerous?

A mom and daughter spreading Girl Scout Cookie season joy were victimized by a woman who stole their hard-earned money. And they are not the only victims of Girl Scout Cookie crimes this year.

On Sunday, the scout and her mom were selling cookies at a stand outside a Walmart in Anderson, South Carolina, when a woman approached them asking for change for a vending machine, according to KCEN. The woman then reportedly made visits to a parked Jeep before returning to buy a $4 box. Then, she made a grab for the cash box and kicked the scout’s mom when she tried to stop the theft. The suspect dropped her cookies but got away with the money. The Jeep was the getaway car.

The cookie thief is still at large.

According to U.S. News, there have been multiple reports of Girl Scout Cookie-related thefts all over the country. The day before the South Carolina cookie cash heist, a man in San Diego ran off with between $400-500 dollars of cookie proceeds from a stand outside a grocery store. Police reportedly used his dropped cell phone to track him down, but by then the cash was gone.

A more serious incident took place in California in February. According to KRON, a man robbed a Girl Scout and her mom at gunpoint outside a Safeway in Union City. The suspect first posed as a potential buyer, but then returned with a weapon, demanding the cash.

In that case, Union City police officers pooled their cash to cover the scout’s losses — buying up all her unsold boxes.


Photo: Associated Press

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