Narrow Escape: How a 17-year-old girl survived kidnapping by serial killers

Kate Moir narrowly escaped serial killers who murdered four women in the previous month

Kate Moir was just 17 when she was kidnapped on Nov. 9, 1986 in Perth, Australia.

According to Australia’s, Moir’s abductors, David and Catherine Birnie, had already raped and murdered four other young women over the previous four weeks when Moir, after a night of drinking, accepted a ride home from the couple, who she first believed were friendly strangers. Soon, she would realize they were anything but.

During her ordeal, Moir had her foot handcuffed to David’s foot and was repeatedly raped in the master bed – while Catherine watched, and reportedly “took notes.”

The morning after the kidnapping, when David went to work, there was a knock on the front door. Catherine had forgotten to secure Moir and the teenager managed to push open the locked bedroom window and escape. She knocked on the doors of three separate houses but no one was home. During her escape, she was attacked by a dog.

Wearing only black leggings and a tank top, she says she ran to a man standing outside a store near one of the houses and begged for assistance. “Help, I’ve been raped,” she said. “Please take me inside and call the police.” She also told him not to believe any woman who might come by and claim Moir was her daughter and they’d had a fight.

The man drove Moir to the local police station where she gave her statement to 22-year-old Constable Laura Hancock — on her first day on the job.

Hancock told Perth Now that Moir’s statement “oozed honesty. [She was saying], ‘… they put me in the car, I had ties on my hands, they took me to the house, he raped me twice, he did this, I got away and the dogs attacked me’. It was really just very, very factual.”

The Birnie’s were arrested not long after. David Birnie hung himself in his prison cell in 2005. Catherine, now 62, will be up for parole in 2019.