Caught on video: Armed thugs storm New Mexico home

A woman approached the door looking for help. But when the homeowner answered, three armed men charged the door!

Police in a New Mexico town are searching for an armed gang that attempted a coordinated attack on an Alamogordo home last week– that was all caught on CCTV camera.

On Thursday night, a woman, appearing to be on her own, knocked on the door of the Alamogordo home asking for assistance. Once someone answered the door, three armed men who had been hiding in the periphery came charging at the home.

“We’re not going to specify what kind of assistance but she wanted to use his phone,”  Deputy Chief Roger Schoolcraft told the Alamogordo Daily News. “While he’s talking to her, you can see the three males coming up to the house. The homeowner sees that and he slammed the door, locks it and (in the security footage) you see them trying to breech the door. All the commotion, they probably figured someone was going to hear them and I think that’s what spooked them off or maybe a car drove down the next road and scared them off.”

A dog ran out of the house when the door was first opened was in the yard while all this was going on, and the video shows the animal rush out of the way when the armed men approached the front door. Residents who saw the video were concerned for the dog, but Schoolcraft said the dog was fine and returned home unharmed.

“I can understand that the public is very concerned,” Schoolcraft said. “We ask them to be diligent and careful when answering the door, especially if you’re not expecting visitors. Leave the porch light on and the area well-lit – that’s always important. Hopefully we’ll get information from someone so we can get these people apprehended, off the street and out of our community.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Alamogordo Police Department at (575) 439-4300 or Crime Stoppers at (575) 434-7812.