Baylor rape scandal: New allegations emerge against the Texas school’s administration

The fall out from the Baylor University football rape scandal continues as the Big 12 conference withholds millions of dollars it would have given the school until it shows changes have been made. The school’s athletic staff allegedly used sex to lure high school football stars to join the team, and then allegedly covered it up when players were accused of sexual assaults, according to federal lawsuits.

Ken Starr, the former special prosecutor who pursued President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, resigned at bailor’s president last year amid allegations that he treated players differently than regular students.

A federal lawsuit filed by a female student alleges that 31 players were involved in 52 sex assaults over a four year period, many of them not reported to police and covered up by the school.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke look at scandal in this episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.”