It runs in the family! Mom drives drunk, calls hubby to scene & he shows up drunk [VIDEO]

After a Michigan mom driving under the influence ran her car into a ditch, she called her husband to come pick up their two young children, and he showed up drunk, too, according to a news report from

Siobhan Theresa Egnot, 36, was driving near her home in Hamburg Township on January 29 when her car slipped off the road. Witnesses called the police, and Egnot called her husband to come pick up their two children, aged 3 and 5.

Police dashcam video obtained by WLIV-4 shows the woman slurring and stumbling as police escort her away from the car to take a breathalizer test. Two of the responding police officers accuse the woman of “faking” the test, as she apparently was not exhaling into the device. Ultimately, Egnot failed the field sobriety tests. She admitted to having “one mimosa” in the video.

And when her husband arrived to pick up the children, officers also suspected him of driving drunk. Both husband and wife were taken into custody given blood tests. Egnot was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated with occupants younger than 16, but the husband has not yet been charged.

Their children have been temporarily put into the custody of Egnot’s mother.

Egnot was released on $5,000 bail and is due to appear for a pre-trial hearing on Monday.


Photo: Livingston County Jail