Girl injured in horrific bully incident; school calls it an ‘accident’

A 9-year-old girl, Lanny Turpin, in Sheffield, Alabama, suffered a concussion on Friday followed by “two black eyes and a bruised face” after being attacked by a bully at her school.

AL reports that on the morning of February 3, Lanny – a fourth-grader at L.E. Wilson Elementary School – was walking with her classmates to an art class “through an outdoor breezeway” when another student grabbed her.

The student jumped on top of Lanny, causing her to hit her head on a pole before falling onto the pavement. School officials immediately contacted Lanny’s mother, Kelly Turpin, and informed her that her daughter accidentally fell and she needed to come to the school.

When Kelly arrived at the elementary school, she was shocked to see her daughter covered in blood. The school nurse said the little girl fell down.

The school nurse began telling the stunned mother about the occurrence but Lanny interjected, stating that the incident was not an accident. The child said that the bully who caused her injuries did not want her to be friends with anyone else.

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It was reported that after the attack, the bully apologized to Lanny and told her not to tell anyone that she did it. When the elementary school principal, Tony Willis, was questioned about the bullying incident, he stated that he was unable to comment.

“We’ve been instructed we’re not to comment on this situation because the family has been speaking to an attorney. With any incident, we’re going to look into it and follow our code of conduct to the letter. We try to be proactive rather than reactive and make sure students are comfortable enough to talk with us when they encounter problems.”

The victim’s mother stated that her biggest concern now is the children, including her own, matriculated in the Sheffield City Schools.

“I want them to start stepping up to the plate with these kids. I’m looking for them to keep our children safe at school. My child should be able to go to school and have an education and know they can go tell teachers or the principal what’s going on.”

Kelly will begin homeschooling her daughter as she feels the school system has not done enough to prevent bullying and punish bullies.

“Other mothers are in the same situation,” said Kelly. “And we went through this before with my older child. Nothing has changed when we’ve gone to the school about the bullying. I just want them safe at school.”

Lanny was taken to a local hospital for a CT scan. There was some bleeding behind her eye that was deemed problematic but doctors say Lanny is expected to be okay.

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