Kiss the cook, or else! Woman attacks boyfriend after lukewarm praise of spaghetti dinner: Report

Boyfriend said spaghetti was “O.K.”

A New Hampshire woman had an hourslong standoff with police after her boyfriend told her a dinner she had made for him was just “O.K.”

Jodi Ecklund of Merrimack, New Hampshire, has been charged with six felonies after she attacked her boyfriend for refusing to celebrate her spaghetti. According to, Ecklund allegedly punched her boyfriend in the face and arm after his evaluation of her dinner, and locked the door of their apartment after he fled.

When police arrived, she reportedly barricaded herself in the home, threatening to kill them with guns. Two weapons, a Glock 9mm and an M4 rifle, were reportedly in the home. ¬†During the standoff, she reportedly damaged items in the home and threw some of her boyfriend’s possessions out the window.

Eventually, police were able to make peaceful contact with Ecklund, and she told them it was safe for them to come inside the home. She was taken into custody and held on $25,000 bail.

Ecklund reportedly acknowledged her extreme response during her arraignment, when she asked for mental health treatment.

“I have bipolar (disorder). … I’m not this monster,” she said, according to The Nashua Telegraph.

Ecklund reportedly faces two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of criminal threatening and two counts of reckless conduct.