Bullies caught on camera while dozens watch a child get humiliated, pushed down

* WARNING: Disturbing Video *

Two Modesto, California, teens were arrested on Thursday after a viral video showed them allegedly humiliating and shoving a boy half their size to the ground.

ABC 10 reports that the video was posted on Facebook and YouTube shortly after the incident. Two teens were caught taunting another kid, seemingly out of nowhere. The victim, wearing a black backpack, stood with his back toward a picket fence as the two bullies, clearly much larger, cornered him. The first bully, wearing a black jacket and light blue pants, grabbed the victim by his shirt and pulled him so hard that he fell into the street.

The victim stood up and walked back to the fence, likely waiting on a school bus. The bullies weren’t done. Another teen is heard saying, “It’s my turn now,” as he walked towards the victim. The victim wanted no part of fighting, and began walking away, but the 2nd bully, wearing a grey shirt and khaki pants, demanded that the smaller boy get on his knees and call him “Daddy.”

“On your knees before I f****** break them! I’m Daddy, b****!”

Clearly frightened, the victim told the bully he couldn’t fight as got down on his knees. Giving in to the demands protected the victim from the 2nd bully from beating him up, but what’s disturbing to many is how easily the incident could have been prevented if someone defended the victim. Around a dozen or so kids stood around watching the incident, even encouraging the bullying to continue while recording the ordeal. Not even one person stood up for the smaller teen.

Numerous online viewers were outraged after watching the clip. While some viewers blamed the other students for not stepping in to help, others offered to go to Modesto and “take care” of the bullies themselves.

The Modesto Bee confirmed that students in the video were from Beyer High and Elliott Alternative High School. The suspects, ages 16 and 17, were taken to a juvenile jail. The 16-year-old was charged with battery and criminal threats, while the 17-year-old faces criminal threats and conspiracy charges.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]