Woman calls 911, exposes her murderer right before she dies

A Grimes County, Texas, woman lay dying on her front porch, but still managed to call 911 and tell the operator the name of her killer.

ABC 30 reports that 74-year-old Jane Lester was fatally shot by her “common-law husband,” Thomas Buford, 74, in her own home off of Rolling Acres Lane. The elderly lady was barely able to talk, but she informed the 911 operator that Buford shot her after an argument.

When authorities arrived, they found Lester on the front porch, dead from gunshot wounds. They searched the home and found Buford inside, passed out from apparently consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. Police woke him up, and Buford admitted to shooting Lester. He said they’d been arguing over his drinking problem, and it angered him so much that he went to his bedroom, pulled out his gun, and shot his common-law wife.

Buford was taken to a hospital for minor injuries. When police arrived, he had a black eye and red marks around the right side of his face. He was later booked into the Grimes County Jail and charged with first-degree murder.

The story is still developing. Check back later for updates.

[Feature Photo: Grimes County Jail]