Woman chained, held in metal crate, tells horrific story to Dr. Phil

Kala Brown says she was raped twice a day

A young woman who was kept locked in a metal crate by a suspected serial killer has revealed more, horrific details or her nightmarish captivity to Dr. Phil.

Kala Brown’s ordeal began in late August when her boyfriend Charles Carver went to the rural South Carolina property of Todd Kohlhepp for what they thought was a cleaning job. But Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender, had other ideas. Shortly after the couple arrived, he killed Carver in front of his girlfriend. He then brought Brown to a metal storage crate where should remain for the next two months.

In an upcoming, two-part episode of Dr. Phil, the 30-year-old woman tells the talk show host that Kohlepp raped her “twice a day, every day” and let her know just how dangerous he was.

Brown tells Dr. Phil that the metal crate prison was kept completely dark at all times, and that she was handcuffed, ball gagged, and secured by her neck to the crate with a chain that she estimated was between two and three feet long.

“He would brag about how many people he’s killed, and how good he was at it,” Brown tells Dr. Phil, adding that she thought he was more interested in holding her captive indefinitely than killing her, which is why she fought so hard to stay alive and find some way to escape.

The woman got her chance in the fall after investigators had traced the couple’s cell phones to the property. When she heard people walking near where she was being held, she started screaming and banging on the walls of the crate — which led deputies to find and rescue her.

Kohlhepp later confessed to killing seven people.

Brown’s two-part Dr. Phil interview will debut on Monday, February 13.


Photo: Screenshot/Dr. Phil