Military veteran killed by a snow plow while in parking lot of VA hospital

A military veteran was killed by a snow plow on Sunday evening in Bedford, Massachusetts, in the parking lot of the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital on Springs Road.

The Boston Globe reports that victim, 60, whose name is still unknown, was walking through the parking lot of the hospital as snow fell heavily. A snow plow, also in the parking lot, backed directly into the veteran, running him over. The victim was given CPR and rushed to Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, but was pronounced dead. The snow plow driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities once they arrived.

A number of people from the Bedford Green residence, a supportive housing complex where the victim lived, said that the man was a Navy veteran who kept to himself and lived alone, but was “well-liked.” Hospital spokesperson, Courtney Purswell, wrote that the hospital staff was “devastated” by the incident, which so far, seems to have been a terrible accident.

“The Bedford VA staff is devastated by the tragic incident and our thoughts and prayers are with the victim, his family, friends, and neighbors.”

Neighbor Tim White said he got along with victim well, and that the veterans living on the first-floor common room of the complex of had a bond. He also indicated that the victim was likely walking home from getting groceries when he was plowed over.

“We all have that strong bond. It’s like a fallen brother.”