Mom and daughter found dead in Florida apartment; suspect barricades himself for hours

A mom and daughter were found dead inside a Sunset, Florida, apartment on Monday, while a man barricaded himself inside the same apartment home for hours, refusing to come out.

ABC 10 reports that Karen Lyle, 40, and daughter, Shanice Smith, 15 (pictured on the left), were shot to death at an apartment off of Balboa Street in Sunrise, but it took getting SWAT team and dozens of police officers involved in order to remove a man from the home, whose suspected of killing the victims. Kevin Nelson, 32, finally surrendered after a three-hour standoff.

The ordeal began around 11 a.m. on Monday when a neighbor called 911 and reported gunshots coming from the Lyle’s apartment. When police called Lyle’s phone, a man answered and said, “Yeah, I’m here,” then promptly hung up.

Officers feared the man was armed, so they called a SWAT team for assistance and drove to the complex. Once, there police tried to convince Nelson to come out of the apartment home and surrender, but he refused. Instead, he held out for three hours until the SWAT team knocked down the front door and sent a robot in, followed by SWAT team members. Once authorities detained Nelson, they located the two victims inside.

According to neighbors, Lyle and Nelson were in a relationship, albeit a troubled one. Over the past year, they allegedly argued frequently and yelled at each outside of the apartment home. Police were called numerous times. Neighbor Michael Plesak recalled that he heard a lot of noise coming from the apartment on Monday, something that apparently wasn’t unusual.

“I heard like a loud crash.  I’m not really sure what it was.  I didn’t think much about it.  Everything was still and then like 10 minutes later there were 20 cops out front.”

Shanice Smith’s grandmother, Courtney Smith, said that the teen was a Straight-A student at a local high school and had high aspirations for the future.

“She didn’t deserve this. You hear these things but when it hits home, it’s totally different. She had a real bright future and then this tragedy happened.”

Nelson was not Shanice Smith’s daughter, and detectives are still trying to determine if Nelson and Lyle were married.

Charges against Nelson are pending. The story is still developing.

[Feature Photo: Facebook & Sunrise PD]